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Three M’s to identifying your unique handwriting

Have you ever felt stuck trying to identify your unique style as a print designer?

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If you have ever been stuck trying to identify your unique art style…try these 3 tips (the 3 M’s) and see if it helps! I know for me and my studio it has made all the difference.

The Muse….

This is all about digging into what lights you up to find your inner muse. To find who it is that drives your inspiration. Is it you? An alter ego? A certain era, color or vibe that you gravitate toward again and again? Name it. Create a mood board with imagery that you feel aligns to who you are, what you like to do, art you love, items you love, color you love. Let it inspire you and hang it somewhere in your workspace. . . Over the years my muse has rarely changed. She is always there…whispering ideas to me. 

The Market

This is where it gets a bit more focused and you do a bit more digging into your market. Do you have a market you work in or are you all over the place? Do you want to choose but not sure what it should be? Start looking through prints and inspiration and make note of where you gravitate. Activewear? Swimwear? Kids? Home? Choose one, then choose 5 brands in that market to pull imagery from and make your print direction board. 

The Motifs

This is where you play and play and play all with the gentle guidance of your market and your muse. Make a few…make a bunch. Just keep playing until you begin to identify a crossover from your style and the style in your market that works together. This is where you will find your unique handwriting that also aligns to your ideal clients!

I would love to hear how this goes for you, join us in the Print Life facebook group!



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