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Portfolio Bootcamp

Portfolio Bootcamp is my 6 week program that walks you through the steps to create a portfolio to pitch your prints to apparel brands, companies, studios or agents. In this course you will uncover the secrets to a successful apparel print design portfolio, learn what industry professionals are looking for, how to present your work, who to pitch and when. Ready to dive in to all things apparel print design and what goes in to having a more profitable portfolio? Let's do this!

"I completed Portfolio Bootcamp and it is honestly the best industry course I have done. Leslie provided me with a system to build a portfolio that is current and designed to get me the work I want."

I completed Portfolio Bootcamp and it is honestly the best industry course I have done.

- julie bunyard


A portfolio is defined as a collection of assets. Designers, your prints are your assets. So let me ask you. Is your portfolio profitable? Are you getting it out in front of the right audience? Do you know your niche? Are you designing in alignment to your ideal clients and products?

Portfolio Bootcamp is here to help you uncover your unique place in the industry and help you to market to the right market!

Marketing to the right Market?

Create a portfolio that will get you more clients and more sales!

When you design in alignment to your ideal audience, you take the guess work out of design direction, layout, aesthetics, client list, pitching and pricing. Can you imagine having a body of work that feels so uniquely you while simultaneously being in complete alignment to the needs of your clients and their customers? Ready to create designs that your dream clients can't help but want more of?

learn from an industry professional

"Leslie’s advice to clarify and focus in on my design niche, and study that market to truly understand and design for it in a commercially successful way, was career changing." 

— kelly lahl

"career changing"

go at your own pace

follow a proven roadmap


learn from an art director

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I want you to know that I believe in this program so much that I am going to remove the risk factor for you and offer a 60 day money back guarantee.

If this program is not what you were expecting and you find that it did not support your needs, just email me and I will refund you no questions asked.

60 day money back guarantee


Uncover your unique identity as a print designer

Discover the secret to a successful print design

A simple strategy to create the framework of your portfolio

Here's What You'll Learn


Inside Module #1

Learn to train your inner art director to see your work through the eyes of your clients

Discover the three ways you can add value and maximize your sales

3 simple tricks to elevate your designs

Inside Module #2

The quickest way to create work that is cohesive and expands your style

A proven process for design development to create groups within a collection 

Inside Module #3

Learn to step into the role of the designer so that you can build out marketable groups and present a portfolio that meets industry standards

Inside Module #4

How to create a layout and flow within your portfolio without the overwhelm

Learn to edit yourself so that your portfolio reflects the best of what you have to offer

Inside Module #5

Learn to step into the role of the manager so that you can get your work in front of the right audience

The simple strategy to implementing consistent client list growth and outreach so that you can have a more profitable portfolio!

Inside Module #6

My method to writing your own bio and what to include so that you are searchable

"I honestly gained so much knowledge and understanding of who I am as a designer."

- fiona white

real results

When you purchase your spot for Portfolio Bootcamp, you will receive my signature trend forecasting program from the Print Life Membership, intuitive forecasting!

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intuitive forecasting

trend direction bonus


Learn how to use your own creative intuition to develop print trends for your portfolio

This program is part of our Print Life Membership and cannot be purchased on its own

Learn how to intuitively pull your color palettes

I am already a Print Life Member, is this any different?

This program takes a deep dive into developing a body of work within the 8 week period that is marketable to your market. While the market focus is the common ground, the content you learn here is unique to the program. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I learn photoshop or Illustrator in this course?

This course is focused around development, so coming in with basic knowledge of using Illustrator or Photoshop is a must.

How many prints do I include in my portfolio?

It is a personal choice, though 8-24 pieces is a great range. The method you will learn in PB is something you can come back to again and again as you continue to build out marketable groups for your online collection, in house job, portfolio or even working with a print studio.

I have a hard time editing myself, will this course help to do that?

YES! Editing ourselves as creatives can be one of the hardest steps. We love our work, but we are also our biggest critic. The layout and delivery will help you learn to edit yourself and to view your work with an outside eye/perspective.

What if I have more than one market focus?

We will cover this in our first live group call so that you can make the best decision for your portfolio before we dive in. There is a super easy solution to this problem that we will cover to put you at ease. 

What if I am brand new to print design? Will this course help me?

Absolutely! As long as you come in with Illustrator or Photoshop under your belt, this course was created to work for the new designer to the seasoned designer whether you are creating from scratch, from old work or a combination.

Know your niche, who to pitch and when.

Have a body of work that is aligned to the jobs you want

Be able to design with clarity around your end user

Have developed your skills to self edit and self art direct

Have trained your eye to begin seeing what your clients see

Begin building brand authentically around your unique identity & creative intuition

By the end of Portfolio Bootcamp, you will...


"I’m grateful for your insight and direction as an artist in an often overlooked field."


"The amount of information that you provided to us was above and beyond my expectation"


Market magic, consignment 101 & portfolio bootcamp

"It's honestly the best industry course I have done."


portfolio bootcamp

"Her wealth of knowledge opened my eyes to the fashion industry's expectations."


portfolio bootcamp

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portfolio bootcamp

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