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A combination of your niche, your unique style and your market focus as a print designer.

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I'm leslie!

A boutique print studio owner living in Southern California. I help freelance print designers find their niche & market focus in the apparel industry, clean up & curate their portfolio and implement strategies for growth in their business!


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Ready to increase your visibility and create a portfolio that will attract your ideal clients?

Design Niche is a term I created to help me better explain the best way print designers can cut through the noise in the apparel space. It is a combination of your niche, your unique style and your market focus as a print designer. I find that these three areas combined are what make for strong and sellable work.

Finding your Design Niche is a challenging, ever-developing process, but one of the essential pieces of the puzzle in building your print business. And freelancers, this means you too! You are your business.

I have seen all too often in our field. Artists who want to create income with their prints, yet they are designing with no focus or intention. It is like driving with no map or destination. Fun? Yes. Exciting? Yes. But ultimately, where are you going?

Do you need a Design Niche?

The short answer is no. But, you are likely invisible to potential clients and out of alignment to your target audience when reaching out for jobs or freelance work. 

If you are looking to create growth in your business, build relationships with a core client base, cut through the noise and make an impact, it is time to sit down and get super clear. This requires effort, research, and consistent attention.

Grab my free signature workbook to help guide you through the process and know that you can keep coming back to this again and again. There is no right or wrong answer when you begin to identify your desired place in the market. You can adjust and change as you grow.

I have worked with hundreds of artists while running my studio and one thing I know to be true are the artists who know their design niche make the most sales!

Learn more about our Print Life Membership where you can learn about all the things prints, business and designing your dream career!

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