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If fabric is the hand, then the prints are the heart.

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In the fashion industry we often use the term ‘hand’ when referring to fabric quality. If you are a fashion lover, I bet the first thing you do when you spot something you love in the shops is to touch the fabric.

If fabric is the hand, then prints are the heart.

I graduated from FIDM in 2000 feeling so disconnected from the fashion industry. My heart was never fully in it. As much as I love design, trends and color there was something missing. When I found fine art and and print design and unified all of these passions was when I really became emotionally connected to my work. To really identify my place in this industry.
As artists we are often looking for that emotional connection to what we do and in fashion, this can be difficult. It moves quickly and doesn’t always have the planets best intentions at heart. As we have seen with fast fashion. I have experienced guilt working in fashion and have at times felt that I am contributing to a larger problem. Then I remind myself that we have a choice. We can choose who we work with, how to run our studios, how to set up our prints for printing based on what type of printing is more sustainable, to show on fabric vs paper vs digital. We can choose to work slow fashion brands. 

Fashion and art are a means of expression and identity and as print designers in the fashion industry we get to help create that emotional connection that people have to what they purchase. We can pull from our own passions and experiences infusing it in to the artwork we create.  That is why I love what I do. And that is why I believe prints are the heart of fashion. Are you an artist who found connection to the fashion industry within print and color? Or are you a fashion lover who found a connection to art? What are your thoughts around the fashion industry? I would love to hear your story!

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