The Trend Portal

The Trend Portal

The Trend Portal is a monthly subscription for designers and boutique print studios offering trend support that is market focused to the young contemporary, beach, lounge and bohemian inspired brands. Members can access design briefs, color cards and runway reviews new each month. 

print trend subscription

Our process for creating design briefs is to find balance between the market trends, runway trends and our own creative intuition. We focus in on a few main markets and dive deep into research for top brands within those markets to develop concepts that will work for the target customers. We hope to support new and seasoned designers through developing work for clients, collections or even portfolios!

Our Process...

How often do you add new mood boards?

New boards are added each month!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are your mood boards created for immediates or future trends?

We include a bit of both and believe that it is equally as important to include current market research as well as future direction. 

What is your process for developing your direction?

Our process for creating print trends are to keep in mind market alignment, intuitive design direction, runway trends as well as keeping things transeasonal. 

Once I sign up, can I cancel anytime?

Yes, on the month to month subscription you can cancel at anytime. If you have paid for the six month option, you are locked in and there are no refunds.

Are pantones included with the color direction?

Yes, there will be a collection color card with pantone pulls released each month

Are the print trends only for textile designers?

Our print trend reports are geared toward textile designers in the apparel space though they would be inspiring for designers, buyers and stylists!