We create and sell exclusive print designs to fashion brands & retailers. Known for our swimmy vibes, retro florals, paisleys and bohemian style prints. Our small but mighty team brings you market focused, transeasonal collections that you can browse and shop anytime you need something!

A beachy boutique print studio based in California

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Artwork by white buffalo artist: mon hope

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Passionate artist & pattern designer with a focus on graphic design. Her expertise lies in crafting captivating visuals and branding materials that bring her clients' visions to life. With a deep appreciation for painting, Bianca infuses every project with artistic flair. She also enjoys applying her skills to assist with branding and marketing initiatives, particularly in the fashion industry. Bianca's dedication to excellence makes her a valuable asset to any creative project.

Meet Our Creative Team!

Bianca Tacutanu

courtney mcfarland

Merri is an Australian print and pattern designer living on the gorgeous Sydney coast where nature is a never ending source of inspiration. Many of her designs begin as photographs or simple ink markings that are developed into beautiful textured or layered works.

merri gain

With a passion for art, color, trend forecasting and intuitive design, Leslie has led a team of consignment designers, selling exclusive art to fashion brands since 2012. In 2020 she founded an online print agency, podcast and educational platform for surface pattern designers. She loves to find inspiration in life's everyday moments and strives to bring creativity and positivity to everything she does.

Leslie Kenehan

Courtney McFarland has been creating prints for apparel and swimwear for the past 15 years - and still loves it! She also has a fashion design background which informs her designs. Born and raised in California, her work has a sunny costal vibe, while her recent relocation to the East Coast has introduced a newfound appreciation for the changing seasons. 

mon hope

DESIGNER, MUM + VINTAGE LOVER! I love to inject my signature playfulness into exclusive prints for fashion brands and manufacturers.

My quirky sense of colour and use of illustration is why I specialize in kids apparel and home textile design.

Kayleigh Evans

Kayleigh is a creative print designer based in the UK. Having studied a range of subjects, from Fashion and Textiles to an MA in Creative Practice; these have allowed her to develop both hand-drawn and digital skills to produce unique and innovative prints for apparel, homeware and stationery.

maria rein

Maria is a print and pattern designer living in Norway. Her work is inspired by the untamed beauty of nature, the charm of vintage children's books, and her global travel experiences. She loves infusing her designs with a sense of playfulness and joy. ⁠

Nida Zulfiqar

Based in the UAE with Pakistani roots, Nida is a fashion and textile expert. By day, she designs active and swimwear, and by night, she crafts beautiful prints. Her passion drives her work, and her work is a rich tapestry of Indian heritage and bohemian prints, particularly skilled in intricate chintz, paisleys, and historical patterns.

Nadira Osman 

Nadira is a textile print designer, fashion lover, and creative entrepreneur based in Florida. Her passion for design and art began in her early childhood and has followed her with every venture in her career path. She previously lived in NYC for 5 years where she studied Fashion Design at FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology). Her design style is traditional yet creative, colorful, and inspired by architecture, traveling, books, runway trends and nature.

Lynne Francisco

Lynne is a nature inspired print designer & creative entrepreneur with a degree in studio arts & 3+ decades of experience in the fashion industry. When not in her studio you can find her hiking in the woods, photographing flowers, or soaking in the tropical vibes on a quiet Caribbean beach.

A California native, she draws inspiration from color, travel, fashion, and nature. Her artwork often highlights native flora and endangered species. Jennie specializes in hand-drawn motifs based on found objects and photographs, creating prints primarily using watercolor, ink, and digital techniques. Her unique blend of artistic vision and attention to detail brings a fresh perspective to our team's designs.

Client Care, Design & Merchandising

Lorah is a creative, organized, ultra-personal individual. She currently is a Design Coordinator at White Buffalo Studio and is a Wine and Food Specialist at Union Restaurant in Pasadena. She also runs a small business selling original artwork, knitted clothing, and her original design, hand-printed clothing. She has taught printmaking, painting, knitting/handwork, dance, and music for both adults and children in NYC and Southern California.

Lorah Stone

Design Team Coordinator

Creative Director & Founder

Jennie Hearing


Kirsty Milloy is a fashion print designer. After studying fashion design in Australia, Kirsty now lives in an Italian coastal town where she draws & creates from her home studio. Inspired by digital art, vintage kitsch and nature, Kirsty’s mission is to design prints that make you feel good wearing them.

Ivana Castellano

I'm Ivana Castellano, an Argentine artist and designer based in Zagreb, Croatia, working globally. With a degree in Graphic Design and a passion for illustration, I blend art and design to create expressive visuals that evoke positive emotions. When not designing, you can find me learning something new, walking in the park, or exploring flea markets. Excited for beautiful ideas to come to life!

Ange is a Canadian based designer who has a studio named after her Boston Terrier, Pixie. Her prints are inspired by nature and often include different textural elements. She enjoys getting messy in her home studio creating patterns by hand.

ange yake

digital content designer

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