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Ready to become a magnet for print buyers?

The first membership of its kind that gives you the business, sales, marketing and design training you need to identify your unique client base so that you can begin to design, pitch and sell successfully!

the print life membership

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"The program is a step by step guide on how to navigate the world of pattern design. It walks you through each different stage for you to truly understand who you are designing for and why and how to reach out and make a living doing what you dream of."

— melissa

make a living doing what you dreamed of...

As someone who built a career as a freelancer, worked in house and then started a studio… I can understand the frustrations of trying to find clients and get your work sold. That is why I love helping designers just like you, to create the career you desire...and deserve!!

Freelance doesn't have to be hard..
Finding clients doesn’t have to be hard..
Selling your designs doesn’t have to be hard..

From freelancer to studio start up, I have been there...

Let me help you put the systems and strategies in place to free up time so that you can focus on design and build a career that will last for years to come.

why this membership...

The Print Life Membership


PLM provides step by step training walking you through how to begin, nurture or grow a career in print design. The monthly workshops are tailored to fashion print design and are geared toward identifying your unique client base, attracting those clients to you, how to pitch your work and drive traffic to products and services so that you can create consistent income in your design business!!

The monthly workshops are tailored to fashion print design and are geared toward identifying your unique client base, attracting those clients to you, how to pitch your work and drive traffic to products and services

Enjoy the methods and resources I have gathered and used for over 10 years in the industry. From labeling your prints, batching work and growing your client list to trade show checklists and contract samples...

Here's What You Get...



sales & marketing

time saving workflows

All annual members have the opportunity to sign up for 4 Print POD sessions. These are intimate groups of 6-8 designers and we work through anything specific you are doing in your business throughout the year. Overhauling your OL shop, starting your email list or prepping for an in house job. Amazing for accountability and to cheer each other on!

Print PODS

annual vip members

Enjoy our monthly live calls where we rotate between group coaching, hotseats, Q&A and guest speakers. Each month gives us a unique opportunity to learn from each other and share space together

Live Calls

hotseats & Group coaching


Market, Style & Brand Focus Workshops

past trainings...

Mindset, Money & Past Coaching Sessions



a few things from the print life library

Diversifying & Multiple Revenue Streams


Client List Building & Getting Started With Email Marketing


Attraction Marketing for Instagram - How To Cut Through The Noise



go at your own pace

Learn from a creative director in the field!


Follow a proven roadmap

"Picked up new clients who have come to me specifically for my handwriting."

I’ve really started to feel confident in my own strengths and have actually picked up new clients who have come to me specifically for my handwriting.


attracting clients

Hear from members, past and present.

"Concrete steps for building my client base"

Concrete steps for building my client base; defined my niche in words so I can work towards excelling in it. Clarified understanding of parts of the industry that I haven't worked in before. Feeling that there is a solid community to bounce ideas off.


building a client list

"Totally unique to other surface design courses around..."

Totally unique to other surface design courses around. I love the print design for fashion focus. The calm and active steps shown by Leslie are easy to follow and being able to find your market and style and then attract the right buyers is invaluable.


fashion focused

monthly workshops

monthly live calls

private community of global designers

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$330 / Year 

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$33 / Month

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MONTHLY WORKSHOPS + access to library

monthly live calls


print critiques

print pods - 4 small 
group coaching & accountability pods ($400 value)

print critique


doors close April 15th!

Have clarity and confidence around the work you do, the clients you serve and how to keep it going for the long run..

Know how many revenue streams makes sense for you and have a plan to implement & audit

Be able to clearly articulate what you do and who you do it for

Have a clear actionable marketing plan in place for growing your business

Know what to post and what to say on Instagram so you can attract aligned clients

Design with intention & intuition and stop spinning your wheels

By the time you leave PLM, you will...


Why this membership?

When I first started out as a freelance print designer there was little to no info about how to find print clients, set up your files for delivery, what a print studio was or how to work with them! I figured things out as I went and have learned so much over the years in all areas of the industry. Print design, apparel design, freelance, in house, studio start up, collaboration and finding my own niche.

I want to take my near twenty years of experience and translate them into actionable steps you can take to find success in your own business!

where design & marketing collide

learn from a creative director...

If you join and find that the content does not meet your needs, no problem!

I want you to know that I believe in this program so much that I am removing the risk factor for you.
This is a subscription based membership, so you can easily cancel if you do not find that the content aligns to your needs. Just email me and I will refund you, no questions asked. Also, if you join monthly to see if it is a good fit, always know that you are welcome to upgrade to the annual at anytime. (Not prorated)

See you on the inside!

money back 


This      for you if:

you want consistent income

you don't want to pick a niche

you are ready for more sales

you don't already know illustrator and/or photoshop

you are ready to do the work

It's probably       for you if...

you do not want to sell exclusive rights to your work



It's probably
for you if...

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I completely understand! Feel free to reach out with any additional questions you have about PLM

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