The Print Life Membership is a monthly subscription & community dedicated to supporting print designers on their creative journey. A unique membership that offers guidance and insight in an industry that often seems difficult to navigate.
In house, freelance or just getting started - you are in the right place!
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the Print Life Membership

A signature training created by Leslie Kenehan to help artists focus their design efforts to increase visibility and maximize sales. These processes will help you create in alignment to your ideal client base and showcase your unique identity as a designer. Built so you can keep coming back to it again and again. 

Branding, marketing and promoting our own artwork can seem daunting, but it doesn't have to be! Members will have access to new content released each month so you can deep dive into beautiful branding and marketing content specific to the print design niche. 

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Members will have access to new content released each month to help guide you through the world of print design. From freelance growth to file prep and what to expect when you attend a trade show. 

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Members will have access to new content released each month including systems for organization and workflow. Minimize trial and error by implementing some of the systems I use in my own business.


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A lot of us have been working from home for years while others are experiencing this for the very first time. In either case, having a design community is so important. For networking, for feedback, growth and friendship. As a Print Life Member, you will all have access to the private insiders community on our platform.

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Why this membership?

When I first started out as a freelance print designer there was little info online about how to find new clients, set up your files for delivery, what a print studio was or how to work with them! I figured things out as I went and have learned so much over the years in all areas of the industry. Print design, apparel design, freelance, in house, studio start up, collaboration and finding my own niche.

At this stage of my business I want to take my near twenty years of experience, failed attempts and lovely successes and translate them into actionable steps you can take in your own business!

take your career beyond craft alone and build a solid foundation

sometimes we just need a little

"Leslie's detailed advice from market focus to page layout made everything much more clear"

In the Portfolio Bootcamp, Leslie generously shares an incredible amount of helpful, insider information about putting together a portfolio that will help you get the textile print design work you want. Before taking the bootcamp, I had a vague sense of what I might include in my portfolio, but had never seen any real-world examples, and didn't know where to start, or what type of additional info to include. - Kelly Irvine


Portfolio bootcamp

"Great tips and questions for getting clear on why one belongs in a certain market.."

First off thank you for the marketing workshop - it was filled with so many gems. I really appreciate how you explain the importance of narrowing focus and knowing one's own aesthetic. It makes perfect sense to know thyself before pursuing a client. - Lisa at Violet Swan


market magic

"I honestly gained so much knowledge and understanding of who I am as a designer."

After finishing the portfolio bootcamp workshop, I have to say that I honestly gained so much knowledge and understanding of who I am as a designer. Leslie delivered the content in such a clear, concise and relaxed way about finding your design niche. The workshop was broken down into really simple and achievable steps. I feel that I really learnt a lot about myself as a designer when putting together my brand vision and market mood board. Since completing the workshop, I have updated my portfolio and created an instagram page with a clear vision in mind for who I am a designer. - Fiona White


"I’m grateful for your insight and direction as an artist in an often overlooked field."

After moving through the portfolio workshop I have better direction on cohesively representing who I am as an artist within the niche market that I want to work in. Historically I have tried to conform to what I thought someone wanted to see, for a large market and a wide array of styles. I feel much more confident going forward that having a clear path and presentation will allow me to showcase my talents for a specific and intentional audience. - Marisa Davis


"The amount of information that you provided to us was above and beyond my expectation"

Hi Leslie, I wanted to say thank you for a wonderful portfolio bootcamp. I’ve taken your Market Magic class and Consignment 101 class as well. The amount of information that you provided to us was above and beyond my expectation.
Being in the fashion industry for over 17 years I was surprised that I didn’t know some of the requirements when presenting a portfolio to a potential client. Your detailed power point presentations are valuable which I took snap shots to reference back when I was revamping my portfolio. I can’t thank you enough and I can’t wait to see what else you provide.
- Manni Singh


Market magic, consignment 101 & portfolio bootcamp

"It's honestly the best industry course I have done."

I completed the 4 week portfolio boot camp and it is honestly the best industry course I have done. Leslie provided me with a system to build a portfolio that is current and designed to get me the work I want. I had a clear process to follow and crucial information about what art directors want and how they want it presented. - Julie Bunyard


portfolio bootcamp

"I now know what I need to do to begin marketing."

I learned so much from both of your workshops: Market Magic: Branding and Marketing for Surface Pattern Designers and the Portfolio Bootcamp. I've been designing patterns for a few years, building up my portfolio. The timing of these workshops was perfect for me. I now know what I need to do to begin marketing. I can't thank you enough, Leslie, for your generosity in sharing your knowledge and experience. Thank you! - Beth Krommes

Beth Krommes


market magic & portfolio bootcamp

"Her wealth of knowledge opened my eyes to the fashion industry's expectations."

I really enjoyed White Buffalo’s Portfolio Bootcamp. I learned how to find and focus on my style through exercises Leslie shared. Her wealth of knowledge opened my eyes to the fashion industry’s expectations. - Renea Gallagher


portfolio bootcamp

Portfolio bootcamp

Portfolio bootcamp

"Print design workshops and advice tailored specifically for fashion are rare, so these were really valuable."

Leslie’s advice to clarify and focus in on my design niche, and study that market to truly understand and design for it in a commercially successful way, was career changing. Print design workshops and advice tailored specifically for fashion are rare, so these were really valuable. - Kelly Lahl


portfolio bootcamp

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