A podcast for surface pattern & print designers!

A podcast for surface pattern and print designers that offers insight into the hidden world of print design. Sales, marketing and mindset are a few of the topics that will be covered to support you on your journey to creating a sustainable business. Freelance, In House or just getting started? You are in the right place. Welcome to the Print Life!

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Whether you are just getting started, stuck on where to go next or you desire growth in your income, I have you covered! From freelance life and studio start ups to marketing & branding - we have a lot to cover!  Join me on the path where craft & strategy meet to cultivate a creative career you adore
- Welcome to the Print Life. 

My goal is to help textile designers at any stage of their journey by sharing the experiences and insights I have gained over the years in the apparel print design industry.


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Imperfect Action

Imposter Syndrome

Exclusive and Non Exclusive Design

Your Handwriting

The Design Path Series


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Niche, style & market awareness and connectedness



Your creative practice, business practice & mindset

the print life podcast topics will cover...


Email marketing, SEO, branding and multiple income streams

I'm Leslie - Art Director, Designer, Mother & Educator

A boutique print studio owner living in Southern California - I teach surface pattern and print designers how to attract their ideal clients & generate more income in their business!

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Portfolio Bootcamp

Deep dive into effectively designing an apparel print portfolio that will get you more clients and more sales. If you are like so many designers out there, you spend months creating the 'perfect' body of work and then don't know who to pitch it to, how and when. If you want to find pitch your ideal clients prints that are exactly what they are looking for...then this is the course for you!

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Portfolio Bootcamp