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From design niche & market trends to curating a portfolio that will land you your dream clients, we have got you covered. Ready to explore the ins & outs of print design in the apparel space?

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Welcome to your new home base for ALL things print & pattern and designing a creative business you adore. Whether you are just getting started on your journey, looking to nurture your freelance career or grow your small business, there is something for you here.

The Unseen World of Print Design

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Do You Know Your Design Niche?

Our Design Niche workbook was created to help artists find clarity in their work. Clarity is where we find true growth and begin aligning to our ideal clients. Grab your copy below and give the Design Niche a try.

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Our membership was created to offer guidance, inspiration, community and industry insights to artists in the textile design industry with a focus on the apparel markets.

The Membership

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The Print Life Podcast was created to offer bite sized pieces of industry insights, marketing & branding tips to designers looking to begin, nurture or grow their creative career in the world of print design. 

Print Life Podcast

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guidance. inspiration. COMMUNITY. 

The Print Life Community is a FREE private facebook group for artists to learn more about the industry, ask for guidance, offer up support and bond with other like minded designers.

Print Life

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guidance. inspiration. COMMUNITY. 

“Honestly, this program changed my business forever and enriched my whole dang life.”



I'm Leslie, Owner & Creative Director

A boutique print studio owner living in Southern California. I help freelance print designers find their niche & market focus in the apparel industry, clean up & curate their portfolio and implement strategies for growth in their business!


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System for labeling your artwork

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Your Branded Vision Board

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Portfolio Consultation

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A full portfolio review with detailed feedback, brand & market evaluation & 30 minute zoom! Grab your spot, only 4 spots open per month.


5 Secrets to A Better Launch

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