I once heard, ‘Niche is a bitch’. It’s funny—and so true! Finding your niche is a challenging, ever-developing process, but it is one of the essential pieces of the puzzle in building your design business. And freelancers, this means you too! You are your business.

I have seen all too often in our field artists who want to create income with their surface pattern design business, yet they are designing with no niche or focus. It is like driving with no destination. Fun, yes, exciting, yes…but ultimately, where are you going?

Do you need a niche? The short answer is no. But, you are likely invisible to potential clients and out of alignment when reaching out for jobs and freelance work. 

If you are looking to create growth in your business, build relationships with a core client base, cut through the noise and make an impact, it is time to sit down and focus. Focus requires effort, research, and consistent attention.

I have moved from one niche to another over the years, and each has served me well. There is no need to be afraid to choose, you can always adjust as you grow. I have worked with hundreds of artists over the years and one thing I have seen to be true are the artists who know their niche and focus make the most sales!